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Stephen Candler
Title:- Could Be A Rollercoaster

Dave Ewert
Fantastic work and photo
that is a winner
Mark:- 10.00

Les Rowe
This is the very best photo that I have seen of the Metropol Parasol which is a wooden structure located at La Encarnación square, in the old quarter of Seville, Spain. Certainly lends itself to the B&W & other techniques employed.
Mark:- 10.00
Pam Awcock
Title:- Mother and Baby

Dave Ewert
Love in b/w, very good work. A winner for any animal competition
Mark:- 9.50

Les Rowe
For me this is a lovely study worthy of winning any competition & it's fitting that I mark it accordingly.
Mark:- 10.00

Stephen Candler
Title:- Floody Reflections

Dave Ewert
Very good reflection, nice HDR work, looks more like a fantastic painting than a photo.
Mark:- 9.50

Les Rowe
Dave's said it for me too. Excellent reflections.
Mark:-  9.50

1st - Angel - 10.00
Title:-Old Things 1

A great arrangement of a multitude of old things, well lit and spot on exposure - sharp throughout. well done!!
2nd - Brian - 9.50
Title:- Old Telephone Number

A real 'blast from the past' of this old engine - the exposure & depth of field being well controlled in such bright conditions. The telephone number on the side certainly takes us back & reminds us just how telephony has moved on apace! The inclusion of the background engine is a real bonus. My personal favourite of Brian's 2 entries.
3rd - Yvonne - 9.25
Title:- Knock Knock

Best not to knock it any more as close inspection shows just how much wear & weathering this finely crafted knocker has endured. I like the simple presentation & the subtlety of colourations.

1st - Yvonne
Les 10.00 / Dave 10.00
Title:- Little and Large

The panoramic view offered here provides us with the opportunity to take in all of the 'harbour' aspects from the cargo ship moored along with the multitude of pleasure craft safely tucked into the inner haven. The icing on the cake of course is capturing the sailboat in action in a key position of the picture.
Clearly a well planned & executed shot!
2nd - Gill
Les 9.50 / Dave 9.75
Title:- The Old Harbour St Peter Port
A well chosen viewpoint producing front to back interest with great lighting & clouds/ sky. Very well done!
3rd - Gill
Les 9.00 / Dave 9.50
Title:- Beaucette Guernsey
A nice clean sharp picture of this harbour scene. A really good viewpoint showing moorings, boats & outer harbour walls.

1st - Angel
Les 10.00

Title:-  Tradition 1
You don't (unfortunately in my opinion) get any more traditional than this event. The picture has sharpness in the horses head & movement in the rider & the bull. The viewpoint is high enough to eliminate any distractions producing a very powerful composition.

2nd - Yvonne
Les 9.50 / Dave 9.75
Title:- Partytime

So pleased to see this table top still life put together to meet the comp theme. A good selection of component parts (are the glasses half full or half empty??). All set off against a traditional backdrop. Good work - well presented.

3rd - Pam
Les 9.50 / Dave 9.50
Title:- Just LOOking

Beautifully balanced presentation of these three Feria girls with the added humour by the inclusion of the lad checking out their rears!! Very well seen & captured. (where are their mobiles?)

1st= Angel - 9.50
Title:- Face 2

This picture has all of the ingredients to be an outright winner with full marks. Undoubtedly a face with character presented on the diagonal for added impact. Post processing a plenty, lightening facial features & darkening the shoulders & backdrop. Such a shame areas on the top of her hat are burnt out to white and lack any detail. Great effort though.
1st= Steve - 9.50
Title:- Just Like That

A picture that oozes class in terms of treatment & presentation. A face with character ? Yes definitely but the picture looks more about the hand gesture. Not convinced about the distracting background elements but the hand gets a 10 & the face a 9!
3rd= Angel - 9.25
Title:- Face1

A very unusual look to this picture which compels closer inspection. Suspect that quite a bit of post processing has been done & I think a tighter crop would have added more impact.
3rd= Steve - 9.25
Title:- Are You Sure

A very good B&W portrait presentation of this gentleman showing the lines of life. Not too sure about the position of the white globe on the top of the head or the shadow line down the r h edge.

1st = Pam
Les 10.00 / Dave 10.00

Title:- White Blossom

A delightful presentation of a clean, fresh, pristine flower with complimentary buds. Cannot find anything to mark it down on - well done.
1st = Steve
Les 10.00 / Dave 10.00

Title:- Pink Blossom
Super presentation making the very best of the colours & illustrating the benefits of precise focusing and backdrop separation.
1st = Tracey 
Les 10.00 / Dave 10.00

Title:- Mirror Blossom

If the title hadn't told us I don't think we would necessarily realised a mirror was in play. The effect however is very pleasing and produced a very good balance for presentation. Really good work, well executed & worthy of a top mark!

1st - Yvonne - 10.00
Title:- Off to Sea

A very well composed & presented panorama including 3 nautical elements - sea, lighthouse & sailing boat. Very natural & will look good on the wall.
2nd - Steve - 9.75
Title:- Winter Reflections 

A very well constructed & presented image but, in my opinion, lacking the 'natural' feel of this month's winning shot. 

3rd - Gill - 9.50
Title:- Ancient anchor 

A really interesting & well chosen viewpoint leading us to the lighthouse & beyond. The 'wings' of the anchor are clipped which is a shame but maybe that's because of other unwanted intrutions on the scene? A really great effort at taking something different.

1st= Eileen - 10.00
Title:- Woody Woodpecker

A really lovely, sharp close up view of this woodpecker in it's natural environment & very worthy of a top mark.
1st= Yvonne - 10.00
Title:- Its a Wrap

I think Yvonne wrapped up a dead wasp in clingfilm and stuck it in the web!!! Look closely and it really does resemble clingfilm!!
A super shot which ticks all the boxes & has to share top honours with Eileen's Woodpecker.
3rd - Brian - 9.75
Title:- Red Panda

An excellent shot of this Red Panda with a great expression! The tight framing including both sets of claws is perfect as are the colours. Well done!

1st - John - 10.00
Title:- Cool by the Wall

A realy good & interesting presentation that both photographers should be pleased with! The vignetting has helped push our attention to the photographer who is just getting on looking for her own shot & the background graffiti plays an important supporting role, as does the suggestion of her being a biker!
Very well done and deserving of a top mark.

2nd - Steve - 9.25
Title:- Bizarre Portakabins

A very bold presentation of what is described as 'bizarre portakabins'. Good choice of frame with shadowing helping the overall garish feel.

3rd - Fran - 9.00
Title:- Scary Street

Whilst I like this & the exposure of the pedestrian is good I do find the graffiti to be overly dark and am crying out for it to be lightened just enough to help the viewer appreciate the art more.

1st= Fran - 10.00
Title:- Old Factory in Jerez

Not surprisingly I like the B&W and 'old' feel of this submission which is enhanced by the inclusion of the old boy & this is the only picture that I feel truly encompasses the theme. For that reason I am prepared to ignore the pole & slope & give it....
1st= Brian - 10.00
Title:- Industrious Potter

This is a really nicely presented picture full of interest to the viewer & one I'm sure the Potter would like to have in his own album. I think it fits into the theme & is deserving of 10.00
3rd - Yvonne - 9.00
Title:- Tools of the Trade

The thing that strikes me with this shot is that everything seems to be so new - the tools especially!! Nicely composed & exposed showing lots of detail & probably just fits the theme..
3rd= Gill - 9.00
Title:- Guernsey Gas Works

Could easily make the same comments as for the power station but I find this works quite well with the blue skies. I think the inclusion of the workers helps scale it. Not convinced that the inclusion of the foreground barrier adds anything to the picture but it is straight!!

1st= Dave - 10.00
Title:- Element Water

A super capture of a split second! Beautiful textures and colours & I suggest you view this as a larger picture to fully aappreciate it. A worthy winner.
1st= John - 10.00
Title:- Over night fall for US Dollar

A very imaginative interpretation & presentation of the falling dollar and I congratulate John on his efforts.
3rd= Steve - 9.50
Title:- Desert Beginnings

A very acomplished entry with real consideration having been given to it's composition. Lovely balance to the picture.
3rd= Steve - 9.50
Title:- Control

Another acomplished entry with multiple elements. I like it a lot but do find the colours a bit overdone for my taste.

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Feb 2014

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1st - Yvonne - 10.00
Tttle:- Fruits of my Labour

I appreciate the time & effort put into this arrangement which wouldn't look out of place on the page of a book!
2nd - Yvonne - 9.75
Title:- Sushi Art

I like the concept & no problems with the exposure, lighting or colours but the top half gives the sense of being crooked. I don't actually think it is - I think it's the angle of the camera is slightly off centre to the board. Well done though.
3rd - Dave - 9.50
Title:- Barcelona Food

How lucky to come across this in the street! I really like it although I think the lighting was difficult and has washed out the colours to some degree.

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Dec 2013

Theme this month

"Animals in Action"

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1st = Angel - 10.00

A super action shot. How important was that fish to the image?
1st= Gill - 10.00

A very nicely presented picture of these two doggies just enjoying being in the sea at the seaside. Full of actions with a great expession on a face. I don't even mind the angle of view - it adds to the impact. Well Done!
1st= Tracy - 10.00

A delightful picture that could sell well as a souvenir postcard. Actions caught at the vital moment. Well done!

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Oct 2013

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1st= John - 10.0
Just shows you what a bit of imagination & application can achieve!
Well done ( Hope you wrote all 500 lines?)

1st= Yvonne - 10.0
Who cares where the tram is! Loads of vertical & horizontal lines throughout creating a strong monotone feel.
3rd - Steve - 9.5
Not too sure about the 'electrified' bit but lines there are. In fact they are so exaggerated that I find I could create 2 entries from this one by cutting it in half. Pictorially perfect as far as the position of the train is concerned & a really good entry.

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Aug 2013

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1st Brian - 10.0
I really like this group picture that gives off the distinct impression of happiness within it. You caught a decisive moment and framed it perfectly.Well done!

2nd Dave H - 9.5
This is a well crafted picture that will sell. To my mind it depicts love & opposed to happiness but sometimes they are one & the same. I strongly suspect it was both for the photographer. great stuff!

3rd Pam - 9.0
A couple of very happy children on a very appropriate fun ride at the fairground, Happiness all around - well seen, captured & presented. 

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Jun 2013

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1st Yvonne - 10.0
I think this is maximising the potential of this bog standard iron bridge and all credit to Yvonne for capturing it. I like the strong lines, structures & shadows which are set against a really nice sky. Well done.
2nd Steve - 9.75
Compositionally excellent - I would just have preferred a suited business person alone on the bridge as opposed to 'chappy'.
In this shot I find the sky much more natural looking and overall the 'treatment' does not appear too harsh so well done! I would have liked to see more of the bridge spanning the water.
3rd= Mike - 9.5
Now here's a much older footbridge across water set in a very different environment. Very tranquil but dare I add that a figure ( hiker, dog, sheep, ?) would enhance the viewing experience and provided a sense of scale.Nicely composed.
3rd= Pam - 9.5
This is technically a really good shot of this newly installed bridge for pedestrians & cyclists across the lake at Benalup. It's sharp and well composed ( I would have cropped the sky to a little above the bridge apex). It's a real shame that a cylist wasn't in the entrance (either coming or going!!) to add interest. Great effort.

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Apr 2013

Theme this month

"Wild Flowers"

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1st Tracy  K - 10.0
Very pretty, very colourful and visually appealing. Well Done! 
2nd Jenny  - 9.75
Full on presentation showing the full (sharp) structure of the flower head with great seperation from the diffused background. Well done!! 
3rd= Pam - 9.5
Beautifully captured stem of flowers with just the right background diffusion to enable the addition of an apt title. Nice work.
3rd= John - 9.5
The detail in this head is exceptional with near perfect lighting producing superb colour. It's a shame that the backdrop is not a little darker as the green defined leaves tend to draw my eye from the petals but it's still a great shot.

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Feb  2013

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1st= Steve - 10.0
Lovely presentation, nicely balanced and with a really strong sky. Well done!
1st= Pam - 10.0
I've never been to Lincoln but through this picture I feel I've got a really good flavour of it, mainly because the detail in this picture is excellent. I recommend you view it as 'Original' and scroll around the scene to see what I mean. The picture tells the story of the place & the people going about their daily business..
Very well done - again!
3rd John - 9.5
I really like this sunset beach shot with the footprints playing an important part in the picture. Simple but effective! Close inspection however reveals a lumpy / bumpy skyline where joins are a fraction off which is a real shame. Really like the title...

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Dec 2012

Theme this month

"Creative Night Time"

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1st= Pam - 10.0
When this arrived it's simplicity and starkness had immediate impact. When you study it you start to appreciate how much effort must have gone into getting the idea to work and that the reward was to get starbursts and a super black backdrop.! Well done!
1st= Steve - 10.0
A well presented and balanced reflections shot taken at the end of cloudy day. The use of HDR has added the creative elements by emphasising the water textures, colours & lights in a way the naked eye doesn't see.
3rd Gill - 9.25
I like the simplicity of this picture and the Pixie sits nicely on the toadstool with plenty of detail & decent lighting. Well done!

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Oct 2012

Theme this month

"Slow Shutter Speed"

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1st= John - 10.0
A very well thought out shot with good execution. Simple & effective!
1st= Dave H - 10.0
Well, I've counted the petals and I think the title is good!! Without the benefit of available Exif data I have to assume it was really a slow shutter speed causing the background blur.
Flower petals sharp & a striking colour, well arranged. Deserving of a top mark.
3rd  Jackie - 9.5
The look of the model reflects the wishing of the pegs magically into the basket. A really well thought out shot - the only blemish being the couple of stray pegs blotching the models skin near the R H edge of the frame.

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Aug 2012

Theme this month

"Dramatic Trees"

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1st= Steve - 10.0
I just love it - it stands out as another quality entry in this competition with more than one dramatic tree and a great title!
1st= Yvonne - 10.0
Another beautifully presented & aptly titled picture showing real drama, on the cliff edge and set against the ocean waves. Very well seen & photographed. Well deserved Mark
3rd Tracey S - 9.5
Here's a picture that jumps out at you set against a super backdrop of the Atlantic ocean. It fills the frame, the light & colours work extremely well and it's deserving of a high mark.

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Jun 2012

Theme this month

"Carnivals,  Festivals, or Gatherings"

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1st= Pam - 10.0
A bright, colourful and amusing feria shot with the 'lady' in blue looking somewhat worse for wear! All presented to a super backdrop. Well done!
2nd Tracy  K- 9.5
Celebrating a famous victory in the colours of their team. A tighter crop along the top would have added to the impact!
3rd= Steve - 9.0
A nice Feria shot but can't help feeling the B&W treatment has removed some of the excitement factor. Nice tight composition.
3rd= John - 9.0
Lovely colours, impact & a nice big smile - a very worthy entry but a shame about the distractions of the ciggy packet & bright lights in the background..

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