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27th Jan 2016
The planning meeting went ahead last week at Casa Blas  attended by the following members:-

Brian, Dave & Angel, Jackie, Fran plus myself.
Fran brought along and introduced Karen Neller as a prospective new member.

I advised that I also expected another new member, Celine McCarthy, to join us in early March.

We kept the meeting to establishing the Internal Competition Themes for 2016 & preparing a list of possible
activities / locations to visit.

Using the long list of 2015 theme suggestions the following were agreed upon:

Closing Date

27th Feb 2016         Let there be Light/ Shadow / Texture
30th Apr 2016         Fashion / Glamour
25th June 2016       Sport
24th Sept 2016       Night Photography
26th Nov 2016        Storms / Rainy Days
10th Dec 2016         Open ( Any picture of choice )
I will update the competition rules & isssue a seperate note which will include theabove subjects & dates.

Suggested destinations:

Next Tuesday - 2nd February 2016 -   Facinas -

Others - dates etc to be determined week by week:

Benalup Lake
El Bosque (April/May)
Night Photography in Jerez
Cadiz Comedy Festival  ( runs Feb 4th - 14th - suggested we go on a Wednesday)
Salt Marshes (Pyramids)
Barrio Jarrana
Pto de Sta. Maria
Rota ( including El Bucarito, Km47 past Vejer on Tarifa road. Turn left into flat grassy terraine for wild birds etc. ( track runs to Benalup)

There's a bit there to be going on with but please especially note our first real meeting is

Next Tuesday 2nd February 2016 - Meet at San Andres Golf @ 10.00am to visit the village of Facinas down Bolognia/ tarifa way.
30th May 2015 Best photobomb ever - Click Here
30th May 2015 Don't think this photo would fit on a memory card! - Click Here
Luz PG Meetings were agreed for the months of March & April 2015
10th March 2015
24th March 2015
31st March  2015
7th April  2015
21st April 2015
San Fernando ( to include Botanical Gardens, Centro and/or River Estuary ( Yvonne's bridge area)
Roche >< Conil River Walk ( Theme "woodlands")
Barbate Marismas Walk (Special - In memory of Simon Cooper)
Jerez (Centro/ Flamenco area)
Sanlucar (Harbour)

2015 Competitions  - (Four more themes were added to 2 previously notified meaning that the full list for the year reads as follows)
28th March 2015
30th May 2015

25th July 2015
26th September 2015   
21st November 2015

12th December 2015
  • Blossoms  ( not Blooms )                            
  • Faces with Character                                  
  • Spanish Traditions                                       
  • Harbours                                                         
  • Old Things                                                    
  • Open (Any subject of your choice)               

10th Dec 2014 Sony World Photography Awards - Click Here
3rd Dec 2014 Either extremely lucky or very good photographer - Click Here
12th Nov 2014 British Wildlife Photography Awards 2014 - Click Here
12th Nov 2014London Zoo ZSL Animal Photogreaphy Ptize 2014 - Click Here
12th Nov 2014Can't say I'm over impressed with the winners of the Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize 2014 - Click Here  Be interesting to have your marks for these Les!!
9th Mar 2014We have puzzled about the route of the new tramway many times and I have now received from a spanish friend some pictures and a link to the website (in english) of the company building it. The picture below shows the route across the river and past the present bus station, and it does in fact go through the 'pinch point' with the road traffic showing diverted away to the right. Total cost of the project due to be finished in 2012!!! is €51,000,000 There are other pictures on the website:-

Loading Tramway image - please wait...
7th Feb 2014
Proposed Programme up to end of March

11th Feb    The old quarry at Berrueco (nr Medina)

18th Feb    Estepona (? arrangments with Simon/Gill)

25th Feb    Cadiz (? also Cadiz Carnival Sun 02Mar)

04th Mar    Seville

11th Mar    Arcos

18th Mar    Montenmedio - Sunshine Tour (? dates, admission fees etc. Also ? carriage racing in April)

25th Mar    Rota via catamaran from Cadiz (Infrequent service compared to El Puerto Santa Maria. Subject to conf dep Cadiz 1215 dep Rota 1605 otherwise eary start from Cadiz. Alternatively do El Puerto Santa Maria and not Rota)

7th Feb 2014Possible events trips etc Click Here to View
11th Jan 2014Competition themes and rules for 2014 - Click here to view
3rd Jan 2014Proposals for meetings and competition themes for 2014 - Click here to view
23rd Dec 2013December Competiton results no in Click here to view
18th Dec 2013Over 160 photo's showing all the entries from the competitions since June 2012 are now available to view. - Click to go there NOW!!!
14th Dec 2013Closure date for entries for Decembers competition -  Theme:- Animals in Action
10th Dec 2013The Xmas Lunch exceeded all expectations - great venue, nicely decorated table with adjacent Christmas Tree provided by  Christine - Music courtesy of John.
11 attendees and we enjoyed introducing Fran, Dave & Angel to English traditional Xmas! 
9th Nov 2013There is a Classic Car Rally at Paterna (10km from Medina) which is a meeting between a local Mercedes Car Club and the Gibraltar Classic Car club. Several members are going please email for further details.
5th Nov 2013October competition results now available - Click to go to competitions page
5th Nov 2013Fran's Photo Gallery added - Click to go to Fran's Gallery
1st Nov 2013Pam's Photo Gallery added - Click to go to Pam's Gallery
28th Oct 2013Yvonn'es Photyo Gallery added - Click to go to Yvonne's Gallery
26th Oct 2013Steve's Photo gallery added - Click to go to Steve's Gallery
24th Oct 2013Les's Photo Gallery Added - Click to go to Les's Gallery
20th Oct 2013Gill's Photo Gallery added - Click to go to Gill's Gallery
18th Oct 2013Dave's Photo Gallery added - Click to go to Dave's Gallery
18th Oct 2013Brian's Photo Gallery added - Click to go to Brian's Gallery
18th Oct 2013Alan's Photo Gallery added - Click to go to Alan's Gallery
8th Oct 2013 Administration meeting at John's in Roche
3rd Oct 2013 Work started on the website
31st Aug 2013 Spanish Vuelta cycle race is in our area today, details available if required.

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